About ER.I.C.

ER. I.C. Emilia-Romagna Intermodal Cluster was founded in 2018 following a cooperation agreement “Agreement for the increase of the regional intermodal system” signed between 8 of the main transport and logistic platforms involved in ensuring intermodal services in this area.

The members of Emilia-Romagna Intermodal Cluster are the main intermodal actors at the regional level, representing Ravenna’s port authority, freight villages, railway stops, intermodal platforms, and
inland terminals.

The main aim of ER.I.C. is to develop collaborative activities and to promote the Emilia-Romagna Region’s system of intermodal platforms on the national and international stage.

ER.I.C members are fully committed to supporting the strengthening of a freight transport system that is environmentally and economically sustainable and involves the least possible impact on the local

To shift the balance in favor of sustainable modes of transport and to reduce the proportion of roadtransport, we are working to support the internationalization of companies in the European transport market and thereby strengthen the position of the Emilia-Romagna Region as a logistics gateway for southern Italy and the East Med.

ER.I.C. pursues the development of integrated intermodal services at the national and European levels with the aim of improving the competitiveness and accessibility of this area, crossed by three Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) corridors: the “Scandinavian-Mediterranean”, “Baltic-Adriatic” and “Mediterranean”.

Strengthening the competitiveness of regional intermodal services providers by obtaining new opportunities on the European market to connect up one of Italy’s most dynamic regional economies, in terms of the growth rate of industrial production and export services.


The understanding protocol was signed by:

Stefano Bonaccini
President of the Region
Raffaele Donini
Regional council member
to Mobility and infrastructures

Luigi Capitani
Managing Director of Cepim Spa

Gino Maioli
President of Dinazzano Po Spa

Marco Spinedi
President of Interporto Bologna Spa

Armando de Girolamo
Lawyer representative of Lotras Srl

Mario Castaldo
President and CEO of Terminali Italia Srl

Piero Solcà
Managing Director of Hupac Spa

Guido Nicolini
Managing Director of Terminal Rubiera Srl

Daniele Rossi
President of the Authority of the Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale