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Terminal Piacenza Intermodale Srl (TPI) manages the terminal of Piacenza, located in a key economic area 50 km south of Milan. The terminal is situated within the “Polo Logistico Le Mose”, an area of almost 2 million square metres focused on logistics. TPI is connected directly to the city’s railway station. It offers connections to Belgium, Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland and Romania. Terminal Piacenza Intermodale Srl is part of the Hupac Group, Europe’s leading intermodal network provider that offers a tight network with 130 trains every day ensuring transportation throughout Europe and as far as Russia and the Far East. In collaboration with the Mercitalia Group, a project for the construction of a new intermodal terminal is in advanced stage. The capacity is expected to double compared to today.

Service Offered

Terminal Piacenza Intermodale Srl offers road-rail transhipment services and provides all terminal activities and the loading and unloading of freight, through an efficient organizational model that complies fully with current safety regulations.

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