11 October 2020

ER.I.C. awarded as Logistics Company of the Year 2019

The Emilia-Romagna Region was recognized with an award for its innovative initiative, which was implemented with the technical assistance of the ITL Foundation, to establish an intermodal cluster and, in particular, develop skills in the logistics-intermodal sector.

The award was presented by Assologistica during the ceremony for the “Logistics of the Year” award held at Assolombarda in Milan and involved many business entities and managers who have focused on innovation to improve the transport and logistics sector.

The award was bestowed in recognition of the Emilia-Romagna Region’s initiative, which was spearheaded by the Institute for Transport and Logistics (ITL) and aimed at building a network between the key stakeholders and intermodal nodes in the region (Adriatic-Central Northern Italy Port System Authority, Centro Padano Interscambio Merci – Ce.P.I.M. Spa, Dinazzano Po Spa, Interporto Bologna Spa, Terminal Rubiera Srl, Lotras Srl, Terminali Italia Srl – Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, and Hupac Spa). The initiative focused on fostering innovation and skill development in the logistics-intermodal sector, with a particular emphasis on training. The establishment of the “Corporate Academy network” was crucial for the development of innovation and skills in the logistics-intermodal field.

The Academy created two free courses for new professional profiles: the Terminal Operator (for technical figures specialized in railway operations) and the Terminal Manager (for technical managerial figures specialized in the management and promotion of international services). 24 students attended the lessons, with 80% successfully completing the experience, and over 50% already employed in companies within the Cluster or the sector.