Ce.P.I.M. Spa was established in 1974 with the objective of developing the Parma Interport. Its focus was on integrating infrastructure, rail transport, and warehousing facilities to enable the receipt, storage, handling, and shipment of goods while promoting intermodal transport.
The Parma Interport spans an area of over 2.5 million square meters and is home to approximately 100 logistics and transportation firms, employing roughly 1,600 people.
It is strategically located at the intersection of major highways (A1 and A15), railway lines (Milan-Bologna and Tyrrhenian-Brenner) and the most important TEN-T European corridors.
Currently, two significant projects are underway that will further enhance the Interport’s intermodal capabilities: the electrification of the backbone that connects it to the Milan-Bologna railway and the development of a new terminal that meets European standards, complete with tracks extending over 750 meters.

Services offered

Ce.P.I.M. offers its customers services that integrate the supply chain both upstream (inbound logistics) and downstream (outbound logistics) of the production/distribution process of their goods, playing an active role in the design of their business model.
Ce.P.I.M. ensures efficient handling and transportation for its customers by providing specialized, flexible, and personalized services that reduce waiting times, streamline administrative procedures, and optimize loading methods, as well as ensuring high quality shipments by dealing effectively with defective products and loading errors.
The company is a leader in integrated intermodal logistics services, including international MTO services, and provides door-to-door solutions.
The presence of the Parma Customs Agency and numerous Customs Assistance Centres (CAD) in the Interport offers the optimal conditions for Ce.P.I.M. to assist companies in carrying out their import and export operations, providing various options in terms of customs warehouses and yards, tax exemption or suspension regimes.


Railway and intermodal transportation services


Last-mile delivery


Real estate logistics and facility management


Railway shunting

Maintenance and repair of ITUs

Railway workshop: maintenance and repair of wagons

Customs services


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