Terminal Rubiera Srl is the company that manages the terminal of the same name strategically located in the ceramic industrial area of Reggio Emilia.
It is wholly owned by Logtainer Srl, one of the private operators handling the largest number of containers on the Italian commercial railway network.
Given the centrality of its position, the Rubiera terminal represents an important railway logistics hub connecting the Ligurian ports and those of the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea (Genoa, La Spezia, Vado Ligure, and Livorno) and one of the main production and consumption areas of the peninsula.
With an area of almost 80,000 square meters, in addition to railway services, the terminal offers the full spectrum of specialized warehousing and processing services, as well as those specific to container terminals, with the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism.


The company specializes in moving containers between trucks, trains, and terminals. As a certified customs operator (AEO), the company ensures maximum efficiency and speed in customs operations, thanks to the presence of Fast Corridor rail connections.
As an intermodal hub, the terminal offers a wide range of container-related services, including storage, maintenance, and repair for all types of containers. Additionally, the company offers auxiliary services such as washing, weighing, fumigation, and treatments against BMSB.
For terminal operations, the company uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) available for all operations (Gate IN, Gate OUT, M&R, bookings, etc.) using EDIFACT standards or specific requirements in our clients’ systems.
The Rubiera Terminal is also a customs warehouse for the temporary storage of goods coming from non-EU countries (A3).
The company has its own fleet of vehicles for the organization of collection and distribution services to and from the terminal.


Railway and intermodal transportation services


Last-mile delivery



Maintenance and repair of ITUs

Railway workshop: maintenance and repair of wagons

Customs services


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