21 June 2021

Regional Alliance Conference for Freight Rail Transport

The event is promoted by the intermodal cluster ER.I.C., which includes major intermodal infrastructure managers and the Emilia-Romagna Region. During the conference, supply chain managers from leading companies in various sectors such as food, mechanics, and chemistry will share their success stories on how to develop intermodal services with service levels in line with market lead time demands, seeking technological solutions to aggregate volumes, and developing advanced partnerships with suppliers, while reducing environmental emissions at the same time. The latter has become a priority for both companies and consumers.

The convergence between the most advanced industrial demand and intermodal supply fronts in the region, along with the presence of regional policymakers, stimulated by the initiative, will contribute to the construction of a vision for a more sustainable, reliable, energy-efficient, and economically efficient freight transport system. It will mark a step forward in how to further collaborate to strengthen and innovate the freight transport system of the future, in line with the main national and European policies.