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Lotras Srl is an Italian company specialized in Europe intermodal Transport, with important railway connections between Southern Italy and Europe. Lotras owns and manages one of the largest fleets of wagons in Europe for the transport of liquids in particular vines, musts and derivatives of grape processing. The company has expanded from southern Italy to northern Europe with a network of 8 strategic logistics hubs: the most important are Incoronata (southern Italy) and Villa Selva (central Italy) and, despite the complexity of the railway system, the company is working to build flexibility and speed in these strategic intermodal hubs for international freight railway transport.

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Lotras Srl is a European leader and benchmark in the road–rail transport system for liquid foodstuffs. The company is able to organize the freight of goods in Italy and abroad, giving preference to railway transport for long distances. The company manages several inland terminals as well as a well-equipped platform along the Adriatic rail axis; it also owns and manages one of the largest fleets of wagons in Europe for the transport of liquid foodstuffs. The company is also specialized in intermodal and conventional transport, in particular on the Adriatic rail line running along Italy’s Adriatic Coast. The Italian company manages all types of transport, including through the use of multipurpose wagons for transporting unaccompanied trailers. The company serves its customers through a network of railway yards where it offers a vast range of services for both conventional and intermodal-multimodal transport, designed to meet the specific needs of a wide array of companies and end users.

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