CePIM Interporto of Parma hosted the students of the training courses Terminal Operator and Intermodal Terminal Manager created by Cluster ER.I.C. with the support of and Sestante.

Training, together with internationalization and participation in B2B events, is one of the key projects of the ER.I.C.

Cluster members identified the best features to set up two specific training courses for the training of qualified and specialized personnel in logistics and transport.

The strong development of logistics, digitalization and the sophistication of processes, make this sector more structured and articulated every day, and for this reason in Italy and in particular in Emilia-Romagna, there is a strong need to create high-profile professionals who understand and manage the needs of the sector.

Each company contributes by sharing its know-how and the students have the possibility of visiting the premises of ER.I.C. companies  and viewing the organizational processes from the inside. CePIM hosted the students and presented its intermodal structures.

At the end of the training, the companies participating in the initiative will host the students of the courses for a period of training to put into practice the skills acquired during the training.

“We believe that the training of young people is essential to create new resources who can fit into production realities as complex as logistics. We are delighted to be part of the ER.I.C. because it is important that similar realities can share their knowledge and experience to make constant improvements and create synergistic action for the pursuit of common objectives” said the President of CePIM, eng. Capitani.