11 August 2019

Twenty course participants are visiting the terminals of the port of Ravenna to study transport and logistics

A training visit is taking place today, Tuesday June 11th, to the Terminal Operators and Intermodal Terminals of the port of Ravenna to study transport and logistics. The visit is part of the two study programs promoted by the ER.I.C. Cluster, the ITL Foundation, and Sestante Romagna, with a total of 20 participants enrolled.

This morning, they met with the representatives of SAPIR and the president of TCR, Giannantonio Mingozzi. They continued their tour of the terminals and then by boat they were accompanied along the canal by representatives of the Port System Authority.

The day will end with a training seminar on “Telematic procedures and streamlining of the logistics chain” in collaboration with the Port System Authority (ADSP), the Association of Customs Experts, and the Ravenna Customs Agency. The speakers will be Alberto Squarzina, Andrea Minardi, Giovanni Ambrosio, and Alessandra Riparbelli.