Lotras Srl is an Italian company specialized in European intermodal transport, with significant rail connections between Southern Italy and Europe. It owns and operates one of the largest fleets of tanks in Europe for the transportation of liquids, particularly wines, musts, and grape derivatives. The company has expanded from Southern Italy to Northern Europe with a network of eight strategic logistics hubs, with the most important ones being Incoronata (Southern Italy) and Villa Selva (Central Italy). Despite the complexity of the railway system, the company is working to build flexibility and speed in these strategic intermodal hubs for international freight railway transport.


Lotras srl is a leader and reference point in the road-rail intermodal transport system for goods, particularly for food liquids, from Southern Italy to Northern Europe. The company manages several internal terminals and an equipped platform along the Adriatic railway axis, as well as owning and managing one of the largest fleets of tank wagons for the transport of food liquids. In addition, the company offers all the combined road-rail transport services: conventional, intermodal, and highway-railway for non-craneable semi-trailers with a high-tech connector that allows loading of uncodified P-type road vehicles onto trains. Lotras’s railway services have high transit density on the Adriatic railway backbone and intermodal nodes along the 9th corridor of the TEN-T network. Lotras constantly complements and integrates the offer of services dedicated to its customers through a network of widespread rail yards organized to meet the specific needs of production companies, logistics and end customers, promoting company values such as safety, sustainability, synergy with territories, and highlighting the value for the community. Compared to any other transport mode, the choice of the train as an ecological, safe and efficient transport solution minimizes environmental and acoustic pollution, accidents, consumption of non-renewable energy, the wear and tear and maintenance of roads which represent significant costs borne by the community, and enhances the well-being and respect for the environment and the planet.


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